We create solutions considerably reducing the expenditures for lighting. Thanks to our operation the expenses incurred by residents of the cities and boroughs for lighting of the streets, parking areas and playing fields can be lower even by 75%.


The basis for such considerable savings in the street lighting is to replace conventional light fixtures with the LED lamps consuming less electrical energy, which are more durable and easier for control.
Next step is to implement the HIKARI system, which gives considerably more possibilities within the scope of savings of electrical power thanks to installed sensors and system of smart controllers. Consumed energy is used in an effective way thanks to the adaptation of lighting level to the external conditions and current needs.

Total savings from these operations may reach even 75% and the investment pays back in a short time.

Furthermore, supervision and control system monitors the operation of the lamps on an ongoing basis, prevents the occurrence of possible faults, and ensures quick location and diagnosis for the occurred faults what reduces maintenance costs of the infrastructure by 50%.


The AKARI system was prepared particularly for control of the lighting in the infrastructure with conventional sodium lamps. The implemented system will bring savings of 40% but it requires considerably lower financial expenses and time what is also very beneficial in terms of financial costs and ecological balance.


We help to improve the safety of road infrastructure users. Safety of roads, sidewalks and parking areas users is improved due to smooth adjustment of light intensity to the current needs.

Streets, road junctions, pedestrian crossings, leisure spaces should be lit to ensure the highest comfort and safety to the users. The studies show that good lighting reduces the number of accidents during the night on urban roads by 30%. Good lighting means that it is always adapted to the conditions.

Implementation of the HIKARI or AKARI system thanks to correct settings and sensors allows smooth control of light intensity depending on:

  • time of the day and season,
  • foot and circular vehicle traffic volume
  • weather conditions – both during day and night,
  • individual needs of the persons administrating the system – e.g. to improve monitoring effectiveness in hazardous locations,
  • use of common leisure spaces – e.g. running paths or playing fields.

With our systems it is possible to control the individual lamps or group of lamps and to create any lighting scenario.


We deliver modern lighting management systems HIKARI and AKARI. Our solutions ensure that operation of the whole system is quick, easy, prevents accidents and is available from the mobile devices

HIKARI and AKARI systems allow uninterrupted access, control and operation of the individual lamp and whole system thanks to the solutions used.

Remote control and operation may be implemented using any device with access to the Internet. A dedicated website and intuitive interface make the operation very easy and comfortable. Furthermore, control panel with a layout plan allows quick setting of the parameters and checking of each individual lamp.

All lamps are equipped with installed field controller communicating with the Surveillance Center. Communication between the Surveillance Center and the individual lamps is based on two independent and mutually reinforcing communication methods: PLC (Power Line Communication) and RF (Radio Frequency) ensuring high effectiveness and data exchange speed between the lamps and system user and eliminates the risk of errors during control of lighting systems.

Thanks to data transmission parameters setting in the PLC or RF network we can ensure that regardless of the level of line or radio interferences our system will select corresponding parameters of the data transmission to avoid disturbances in operation of the lighting system.

All faults and tampering in light source are automatically diagnosed and information about occurrence location is immediately sent to the system operator – therefore they can be quickly removed.


We support development of the cities in the “Smart City” concept HIKARI and AKARI systems are great basis for implementation of all types of solutions supporting strategic management of the city

HIKARI and AKARI systems offer a variety of new solutions supporting strategic management of the city within the already existing network.

By connection of sensors e.g.: for monitoring of weather conditions, noise, air pollution or other sensors defined according to the customer needs, our systems allow collecting data necessary to undertake quick and important decisions for necessary for management of the city, cooperation of municipal services and good flow of information.

Collected data is used to generate various types of statistics and analyses necessary for the conscious decision-making for organization and creation of the urban space, investments in urban services e.g. bike rent points, parking areas, bike routes etc. taking the already identified needs into consideration.

On the other hand, it should not be overlooked that the lighting is a key to creating safe, friendly and attractive atmosphere for the residents.



    for LED lamps


    for sodium lamps

We offer comprehensive solutions:

  • replacement of light sources with LED lamps
  • implementation of the HIKARI system
  • operation
  • service

or partial:

  • adaptation of the existing infrastructure with LED or sodium light fixtures
  • implementation of the HIKARI or AKARI system
  • operation
  • service


During works on the Smart Street Lights Control Systems we were focused on delivery of the external lighting which is cheaper, more eco-friendly and adapted to the individual needs.

Our four-year efforts resulted in the creation of: HIKARI system – for LED lamps and AKARI system – for sodium lamps.

Both systems:

  • generate considerable economic savings,
  • are eco-friendly,
  • allow adapting lighting to the external conditions and current needs,

and furthermore

  • improve the safety of road infrastructure users,
  • are an excellent basis for designing solutions under the “Smart City” concept.



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